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Circa 1885 William Davis Pittard

Named for his grandfather, William Davis Pittard was the son of Samuel L. Pittard and Margaret Dillard Pittard. His father would enlist in the 40th Georgia "Bartow Rangers" Volunteer Infantry Regiment and march off to war shortly after his birth on Dec 20, 1861. This portrait was made at J.J. Faber Studios, 28 1/2 Whitehall Street in Atlanta, perhaps around the time of his marriage to Cynthia A. Myers Dec 22, 1885. He ran the general store in Cassville, GA and eventually became known as Uncle Dave.

1895 Connor H. Pittard

Connor Pittard was 18 years old when he sat for this photo souvenir from the Atlanta Cotton Exposition in 1895. Portrait by Lenney Studio, 83 1/2 Whitehall St., Atlanta, GA.

From our guest book:
Just a tid bit. The photo entitled: "Connor Pittard was 18 years old when he sat for this photo souvenir from the Atlanta Cotton Exposition in 1895. Portrait by Lenney Studio, 83 1/2 Whitehall St., Atlanta, GA." The Lenney in Portrait by Lenney Studio was my grandfather -- William Easter Lenney. I am happy to learn of his address. He moved from Newport, PA to Atlanta and became a quite well-known portrait photographer in Atlanta from 1894 to 1920 when his family moved from Atlanta to California.
Peggy Lenney
Costa Mesa, California, USA - Monday, December 12, 2011

1903 Jesse Pittard

Jesse Pittard was the daughter of James D. and Ovie Layton Pittard. After Ovie Layton Pittard died in 1909, James D. married Ollie Strozier. The portrait is by Motes and Moore, successors to C.W. Motes, Atlanta, GA.

abt 1905 Lois Pittard

Lois Pittard, daughter of William Davis Pittard and Cynthia Myers Pittard, died in 1932 of a stroke. Portrait by Menkee, Cartersville, GA.

1910 The Pittards

Margret Jane Dillard Pittard (seated) with her five children (L-R) William Davis Pittard, Caroline Wilson, Connor H. Pittard, Elizabeth Frances "Bettie" Sarrett (see close-up below), and James Dillard Pittard, Sr..

1916 Francis Wilson

Francis is the daughter of Carolin S. "Carrie" Pittard and Dr. Robert E. Wilson. According to History of Bartow County, Dr. Wilson was a graduate of the Atlanta School of Medicine, and a prominent Cartersville physician.

1918 Paul Pittard

Paul Pittard, son of William Davis Pittard and Cynthia Myers Pittard, in uniform during WW I. Portrait postcards like this one made in France were popular at the time.

abt 1925 Elizabeth Pittard

Elizabeth "Betty" Pittard is the daughter of James D. and Ollie Strozier Pittard and the sister of James D. "Bo" Pittard, Jr.

Circa 1927 Uncle Dave & Uncle Jim

Two of grandmother "Bettie" Pittard Sarrett's brothers were William Davis "Uncle Dave" Pittard and James Dillard "Uncle Jim" Pittard, Sr. Uncle Dave ran the general store, visible in the background, in Cassville, GA. Though fairly well concealed, you can still make out that Uncle Jim is missing a hand, the casualty of a farming accident.

In this political ad, James Dillard "Uncle Jim" Pittard used the loss of his hand to appeal for votes as Bartow County Tax Collector. That plus the endorsement by "home folks" swung the election in his favor. The ad appeared in the March 25, 1920 edition of The Tribune-News, Cartersville, GA. Notice C.C. (Cliff) Sarrett and G.M. (George Montgomery) Sarrett are listed as endorsing the candidate. A.B. (Uncle Bascomb) Carlisle, F.B. (Uncle Fletch) McCreary, and B.D. (Uncle Dewitt) Pratt are also listed.


To date, the following four photos are the only ones known to exist of our grandmother, Elizabeth Frances "Bettie" Pittard. The daughter of Samuel L. Pittard and Margaret Jane Dillard was born Sept 6, 1869 in Bartow County GA and married George Montgomery Sarrett Oct 10, 1888. The only known surviving possessions of Bettie Frances Sarrett are a few pieces of silverware including this spoon engraved with her initials.

Circa 1905 - Bettie, far right, her daughter, "Aunt Mattie" Sarrett, far left, and Bettie's sister-in-law, Ollie Strozier (wife of James Dillard Pittard, Sr.), center. Others are unidentified.

1910 - Pittard family portrait, Bettie appears second from right. Scroll back up the page for other identifications.

Circa 1930 - Bettie is a widow and living in Atlanta.

1944 - Easter Sunday Bettie spent Easter with the family of her son, Cliff Sarrett in Atlanta. (L-R) Ed, Bettie, Bob, Lucile, Marlene, George, and Cliff.

Circa 1910 - Cassville Methodist Church, Bartow County GA.

Aunt Mattie Sarrett, center, has her hand to her face. Her first cousin, Paul Pittard, is the boy down front wearing shoes. On the back row with her head turned is Ollie Strozier (wife of James Dillard Pittard, Sr.). Others are unidentified.

1998 Betty & Bo

When James D. "Bo" Pittard, Jr. learned Cassville Baptist Church wanted to dispose of the log cabin where generations of Sunday Schoolers had gathered, he had it hauled to his front yard in Cartersville, GA. Elizabeth "Betty" Pittard Kennedy and her brother pose in front of the cabin Bo says our grandmother, Margaret Jane Dillard Pittard, helped raise money to construct.