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One American Family

First Generation
Samuel / Mary Newton

Second Generation
Samuel / Ann Davis

Third Generation
William / C. Louisa Meadows

Fourth Generation
Samuel L. / Margaret J. Dillard

Fifth Generation
"Bettie" / George M. Sarrett

Pittard: One American Family


Robert Aycock

John Anderson, descendant of Thomas Waring, sheriff of Essex County VA

Sid Champion, V, tour of Champion Hill Battlefield (private property), Vicksburg, MS

Mamie Rhett Copeland; handwritten manuscript, unpublished; Laurens, S.C. Public Library, Genealogy Room, courtesy of Mary Adair Watts

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Susan Mathews

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James Dillard "Bo" Pittard, Jr., Cassville, GA

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1850 Census, Oglethorpe County GA

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