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One American Family

First Generation
Samuel / Mary Newton

Second Generation
Samuel / Ann Davis

Third Generation
William / C. Louisa Meadows

Fourth Generation
Samuel L. / Margaret J. Dillard

Fifth Generation
"Bettie" / George M. Sarrett

Second Generation

Samuel Pittard (Jr.) was born about 1748 probably in Essex County VA, the second son of the immigrant, Samuel, and Mary Newton. He married Ann Davis, daughter of Humphrey Davis, about 1774. Ann was born about 1757.

Samuel and Ann moved to North Carolina where Ann died after 1800 and Samuel died about Feb 1820.

Samuel's will was filed shortly thereafter in which he specified that all of his estate was to go to daughters Elizabeth and Francis for the care of his son, John, who was described in later census records as "idiotic and blind."


April Court - 1820

Last Will & Testament - Samuel Pittard

In the name of God Amen. I Samuel Pittard of the County of Caswell and of North Carolina, being old and infirm and not knowing the day on which I may depart life, but being of sound mind and memory for which I thank God do constitute and make this my Last Will and Testament, revoking all Wills heretofore made by me, which is as follows (to wit,)
Item. I first will that all my just debts be paid out of my personal estate by my Executor hereafter named.
Item. After my debts are paid by my Executors, I will to my youngest son John Pittard, during his natural life all the balance of my Estate both real and personal in Consequence of his not being capable of taking care of himself and that his two sisters my dearly beloved daughters Elizabeth Pittard and Francis Pittard have the use and benefit of the said Estate and that they take care of my said son John that they have all the remaining part of my said Estate, both real and personalable to have and to bequeath, at the death of my said son John to have and to hold to themselves, that heirs and assigns, forever to be equally divided between them when by sale of otherwise they may think proper.
Item. In Consequence of my having used every exertion heretofore to provide for my other dearly beloved Children, who is near and dear to me, & whose circumstances are such as to enable them to provide fore themselves, (namely) Thompson Pittard, Elijah Pittard, Anny Yealock, Umphrey Pittard, Samuel Pittard, William Pittard, Abner Pittard, Rebecca Malone, Davis Pittard, I thus will that they receive no part of my Estate.
Item. and Lastly of all, I do nominate, constitute, and appoint my trusty friends Archibald Rice and William Lea my Executors to execute and carry into effect this my Last Will & Testament In testimony wherof I the said Samuel Pittard have to this my last Will and testament have set my hand and affixed my seal this 9th day of January, 1820.

s/Samuel Pittard his seal
S/William Lea s/Lorenzo Lea

Signed sealed & acknowledged in presence of:
State of North Carolina
Caswell County


Children of Samuel Pittard (Jr.) and Ann Davis:

1. Thompson

2. Elijah

3. Anny or Anne, married a Yealock.

4. Humphrey

5. Samuel T.

6. William, b. 1784, 1st m. Nancy Crowder O'Kelley 1815, 2nd m. Curacy Louisa Meadows 1828, d. Nov 4, 1870, buried Woffords Crossroads Baptist Church Cemetery, Bartow (formerly Cass) County GA.

7. Mary

8. Abner

9. Rebecca, married a Malone.

10. Davis

11. John

12. Elizabeth

13. Frances